Transboundary Movements of Waste: Business with Natura Giuridica

Transboundary Movements of Waste: Business with Natura GiuridicaCross-border waste transport: the specialized and continuous consultancy made by Natura Giuridica

Managing waste is a complex job; transboundary movements of waste is a delicate task that must be managed with competence and professionalism, and in a short and reliable time, both from a technical and a legal administrative point of view.

Natura Giuridica is a company that works in the environmental consulting sector for more than 20 years, providing legal and administrative assistance also for foreign companies wishing to transport waste to and from Italy. This is an ongoing consultancy essential to start the business and to guarantee business continuity.

In this article you will find:

the reasons why cross-border waste transport is a business opportunity worth taking;

a brief description of the issues encountered in the past in the sector of waste transport in Italy;

the answer to a fundamental question: “how to be able to do business in a serious and organized way in the transboundary movements of waste?”;

the synergies created by Natura Giuridica at European level (and those ongoing);

the role of my company, called Natura Giuridica: legal and administrative assistance to companies to help them in realizing the cross-border waste transport business.

Having acquired a deep knowledge of the industrial fabric and established excellent relations with the various administrations in charge of environmental matters, the company Natura Giuridica has long expanded the range of services offered to LEGAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANCE TO FOREIGN COMPANIES THAT INVEST (OR INTEND TO INVEST) in ITALY IN THE TRANSPORT OF WASTE (TRANSBOUNDARY MOVEMENTS OF WASTE).

In the next two posts, however, you will find:

what you need to register, and how to contact Natura Giuridica to start your business as soon as possible and in a best possible way;
all the services offered by Natura Giuridica.

A business opportunity worth taking

« Driven by EU trade legislation and recycling targets — along with escalating resource demand in fast growing Asian economies — exports of waste from EU Member States have grown significantly […] » Transboundary movements of waste can enable access to recycling or disposal options that are unavailable or more costly in the source country — meaning lower financial
 costs for waste management and potentially also lower environmental costs. Trade can also facilitate using waste as an input to production ». From EEA, European Environment Agency

The difficulties encountered in the past

However, moving waste across borders can involve costs and risks: in addition to environmental risk, connected to the potential pollution that incorrect and / or illegal transport may involve, there are risks associated with failure to comply with all prescriptions that must be respected in order to transport waste (non-compliance).

In Italy, for example, since 2010 the law has established that foreign companies wishing to transport waste to and from Italy must be registered in a special section of the ANGA, the National Albo of Environmental Managers.

A procedure that until 2016 was “relatively easy”, but that from 2017 has become more complex to manage from an administrative point of view.

As a result, increasingly many foreign companies:
1. they were refused registration because of formal defects (attention: not of substance, linked to the impossibility of the company in question to carry out the transport of waste, but only for formal flaws), or
2. they had to wait for very long times to obtain the authorization (often it is a partial authorization), mainly due to the obstacles of linguistic origin; or
3. they had to fight against the Italian bureaucracy, not knowing that on the Italian territory there may be some very different administrative rules (registering) in a regional section or in another it can make a big difference.
Keep in mind that the ALBO is divided into regional sections, this means that there are different locations and staff for each of the 20 Regions of Italy. Furthermore, the Sections follow rules and procedures that are also very different from each other.
Or even
4. they were often disoriented and had to face non-compliance, due to legislative changes that occurred, but they were not aware of them.

At the same time, the regional sections have had many difficulties in making foreign companies understand: the same regional sections of the ALBO are sorry for this situation, linked both to the linguistic difference and to the different normative and administrative approach between the various countries.
This situation has created a lot of work for the ALBO, but with poor results.

If we add to all this, often foreign transport companies have come across improvised service companies that promised at a negligible cost the authorizations necessary for the transportation of waste – something like a miracle ! – then you can understand that time and money wasted, or spent badly, are very high.

More and more often, customers who have tried to register on their own or with the assistance of other companies or professionals turn to us, who have not been able to complete the registration procedure, and therefore the authorization to transport waste has not been obtained: once the task has been entrusted to Natura Giuridica, the authorization is obtained within the timescales indicated. Trust our experience in Waste Transport Italy License!

How to be able to do business in a serious and organized way

Natura Giuridica is a company that has been operating in the environmental consulting sector for more than 15 years.
Strong of a deep knowledge of the industrial fabric and of the excellent relationships established with the various administrations in charge of environmental matters, Natura Giuridica over the years has decided to extend the services offered also to foreign companies wishing to invest in our country in the environmental sector.
Among these are the companies – the many companies – that have understood that transporting waste is worthwhile, from all points of view.

Many companies have begun to request and take advantage of the services offered by Natura Giuridica regarding cross-border transport of waste: the results have not been delayed, and soon Natura Giuridica has been overwhelmed by requests for help.

Many companies have registered, relatively quickly and without bureaucracy, in the ALBO, and have started their business.  And they decided to rely on Natura Giuridica also for other services in the environmental sector.

The European synergies of Natura Giuridica

“Word of mouth” has played an important role, especially in some countries (Poland): Natura Giuridica has also become a reference partner for a major Polish company, not only in the area of cross-border waste transport, but also in the area related to 360° environmental consulting. Through a dense network of collaborations, the waste transport business is joined by others.

Update 2023: Natura Giuridica has been dealing with the registration with ANGA for the transport of waste to and from Italy, for many transport and logistics companies based in various EU countries: the main ones are Poland, Spain, Romania, Estonia, Denmark and Latvia.

Currently, in addition to managing the practices of many customers throughout Europe, thanks to the name that has been built over the years, Natura Giuridica is defining other forms of collaboration with many European partners: the business is served!

As soon as there will be news you will be informed!

Last but not least, positive feedback also comes from the regional sections of the ALBO, which finally can count on third-party help, which facilitates dialogue and enhances the business.

In the end: transboundary movements of waste is a big business, and Natura Giuridica is here to help you!

The spaces to enter this business are very wide: Natura Giuridica is not limited to the essential role of facilitating, rationalizing and speeding up the enrollment process of the National ALBO of Environmental Managers (registration, domiciliation and update on the new legislation), but it provides a wide range of personalized services able to concretely help foreign companies who wish to realize the own business goals.

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