Cross border Transport Waste Italy: Domiciliation and Legal Requirements

Transboundary Movements of Waste: Business with Natura Giuridica

As mentioned in the post “The business of cross-border transport of waste“, in order to transport waste to and from Italy, foreign companies must:
• be registered in a special section of the ANGA, the National Register of Environmental Managers.
To be able to register the companies must submit specific documents: some of these documents must be produced by the company requesting registration, others – more technical – must be directly completed by Natura Giuridica;
• have the domiciliation.

So far the legal requirements.

Cross-border transport of waste: continuous updating

But it is not enough to register and have the domiciliation: attention must be paid to any regulatory or administrative changes that may occur, and which may have consequences on the effectiveness, or duration, of the registration itself.
The registration must be maintained and managed: to make an example, all company changes (from the number of trucks registered to the title of availability of the same (leasing or something else; from the expiry of documents sent until the integration of the CER codes, and so on) must be communicated, with specific procedures and in compliance with specific deadlines, to the ALBO.
For this reason, Natura Giuridica, in addition to the services related to enrollment and domiciliation, also offers its customers the valuable regulatory update service, included in the price, aimed at making the registration even more up-to-date, easier to maintain authorization, to seize any business opportunities that regulatory changes can bring with them. And above all to remain compliant with the normative dictate.

Cross-border transport of waste: what is required to register

To request a personalized quote for registration, domiciliation and regulatory update (the latter is free, included in the price!), and to know the types of documents you need to prepare (and the methods to follow), write an email to: with your data:


The personalized services

To request a personalized quote on the additional services offered by Natura Giuridica, consult Transboundary Movements – Cross Border Transport Waste: Personalized Services, in which the additional services are specified, and you are again invited to send an email to :

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