Transboundary Movements – Cross Border Transport Waste: Personalized Services

Now we present the possibility to offer you personalized services in the field of cross-border waste transport  – transboundary movements.

Basic services: registration, domiciliation and regulatory update

On page Cross border Transport Waste Italy: Domiciliation and Legal Requirements  are listed the “basic” services offered by Natura Giuridica for enrollment in the ANGA (National Albo for Environmental managers, in which it must be register to transport waste in Italy), mandatory for foreign companies wishing to transport waste from and for Italy

Custom conventions / services

As we have mentioned, in addition to the « basic services » strictly linked to the enrollment in the ANGA, Natura Giuridica, aware of the multiple business possibilities offered by the environmental sector, offers its customers a further range of services, personalized and customizable on the basis of specific customer requests.

Below you can see a list of the other services offered by Natura Giuridica for foreign companies :

– management of the requirements required by regulation 1013/2006 on the cross-border transport of waste;
– management of any problems that may arise during the transport of waste (loss of waste, spills, with related problems of pollution, to be managed, penalties for transport that is not authorized, dialogues with the authorities in charge, ..)
– advice and emergency help for those companies that are blocked for any reason on the Italian territory;
– additional legal assistance to that – free – provided with the basic package (specific research aimed at creating new business spaces, rules that encourage certain policies, financing, …)
– “memo” service to remember deadlines.

Remember that every changes occurred in the company (by way of example: change of legal representatives, modification of the title of ownership of the truck, updating of the company records, updating of identity documents, and so on ) must be notified to the ALBO, under penalty that may be of an administrative nature and may also end with suspension and cancellation from the Albo;
– creation, implementation and management of Environmental Management Systems.

Of course, undersigning a convention guarantees cheaper prices and faster response times

Customizable agreements / services

Customizable: if you need something else not on this list, no problem.
Write down explaining the specific needs, and Natura Giuridica will contact you ASAP to offer you an ad hoc quote.

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